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This is the face, the identity of the project, and all work begins with it.

Therefore, for the success of the project, it is critical that the entire creative content team work closely with technical production. And even better, if all this is one team, like Artnovi'.  

In this case, you get not just a beautiful "technical decor", but a conscious, elaborate project, where the choice of equipment depends on the ideas and methods of presentation, and vice versa - the content and style of the content are dictated by the equipment.

With proper work, at the same stage, Stage Design forms the future sound, visual and lighting design concept. Therefore, it is especially cool if stage design is visualized not by technical production, but by a creative team that immediately fills it with meanings, vision and content outlines.

At Artnovi' we pride ourselves in developing stage design ahead of time, using the most advanced multimedia technologies, and visualizing it all in 3D, considering the future visual content. The most optimal presentation, so that the customer sees, understands and feels the whole project.


3D mapping in International house of music

3D Mapping on the building of the Skolkovo school

photo_2022-10-24 16.05.49.jpeg

Festival of Music and Light.
Author's project of Artnovi studio

3D Mapping for the fund "Our Future"


3D mapping on the monument "Cold Spring"

Mapping on the bridge.

Blue line.


3D mapping 

Show "Pluma"

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