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Recently, more and more interactive multimedia technologies have been added to museums and exhibition stands.
We specialize in developing such and integrating them into a given exhibition or museum, trying to reveal the main essence with the help of multimedia solutions. Our task is to delicately emphasize and help make the exhibition brighter and more memorable.

Video content for 11 screens 

World trade center

Interactive bookshelf

Oil Museum

3D mapping on a bas-relief for a museum.
The history of the origin of oil.

Panoramic video projection on the layout.

Oil Museum

photo_2023-07-12 17.23.41.jpeg
photo_2023-07-12 17.30.31.jpeg

Kerosene world.
Mapping to metal

Oil Museum

Interactive screen- programming and development CG video content.

Oil Museum

photo_2023-07-12 17.30.21.jpeg
Artnovi CG studio.jpeg

CG video content for exhibition.

London. WTM

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