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Our studio Artnovi provides great opportunities for creating visually impressive and unforgettable shows and performances. It allows you to add visual effects, interactivity, uniqueness and emotional impact, making each performance unique and memorable for the audience.

With the help of computer graphics, stunning visual effects can be created that can transform shows and performances into magical and exciting experiences. This can include realistic 3D model generation, impressive animation sequences, special effects, light shows and more.

CGI intro video for 
Arab Hope 2024


Intro show for Bayut Dubizzle event

 Robot arm with acrobat artist & hologram video content

Stage video content
in Artnovi Space

Harp A.Boldachev

Theatre project showreel

Performance puppet ballerina
in Mariinskiy theatre

Artnovi orchestra

Generative lights

Harp A.Boldachev

Artnovi festival

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