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Everyone heard of AR, but not every company employed this rapidly growing technology

Updated: Feb 20

Virtual Reality or AR is a powerful technology with an increasing presence in the events industry. This technology can create immersive experiences and transform traditional conferences, trade shows, and corporate meetings into experiences that engage and captivate the audience.

Until recently, AR technology targeted niche audiences, like those at game developers’ conferences or consumer electronics trade shows. As the technology continues to improve and new applications are developed, its transformative potential has extended to other industry sectors, with the events industry being one of them.

We at Artnovi definitely have AR production as one of the services. As an example, we managed a project where visitors of the event could find more information about actors while using a special application.

AR app by Artnovi
AR app by Artnovi

For instance, AR can also be used at trade shows and exhibitions to create a genuinely immersive booth experience through virtual and interactive product demos. The technology is experiencing a boom in specialized workshops and training events nowadays.

Lastly, AR is used to improve events and conferences’ educational and networking aspects. Speakers can use virtual and augmented reality to deliver impactful presentations. In conference networking sessions, VR platforms can create virtual environments where participants can interact and build valuable connections, whether they are present at the location or not.

Through realistic computer graphics and interactive techniques, this technology offers more than the average online event; it takes attendees on immersive journeys in ways that video calls could never achieve.

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