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Our team has been attracting robots to art projects since 2013. Mechanical iron friends have played the role of artists, assemblers of installations, an artist, controlled a ballerina at the Mariinsky Theater, rotated screens and even artists on a special platform. 16 robots synchronously waved their palms to the beat and so on. Over this long period of time, ideas from robots are born more and more. And the desire to attract Robo-hands is growing every year.

We will tell and show our most interesting cases with robots:

The robots we work with:

photo_2023-11-15 14.42.28.jpeg

Custom robots and developments from our interactive robotics team. We think through a solution from scratch to solve the client's problem.


The render shows a robot football player, an interactive installation where everyone can play football with robots.

cyber dog.png

The Cyberdog offers a unique opportunity to combine advanced technology with the human. Its strengths include realistic looks, interactivity, versatility, unique features, learnability, safety, and attention-grabbing. Including a robot dog in your event will add fun, innovation and unforgettable moments for everyone in attendance.


We use robotic hands in the show and event industry quite often.


They are accurate, reliable and durable. Capable of lifting large and heavy objects, demonstration of technological capabilities, visual appeal and interactivity at events. They allow you to create a unique and impressive experience for guests, draw attention to the event and can be tailored to different needs and purposes of the event.

Our robotics:

Model Kuka KR 210 - lifting capacity 210 kg

Снимок экрана 2022-04-08 в 15_28_14.webp

33 points  Maria Scryabina

Interactive installation, piano and light sphere. Robots assemble the installation into one whole.

Manej 200 years

A multimedia performance where robots tell the story of the exhibition hall. Two robots raise stencils showing the era. Draw content, participate as live artists.

Снимок экрана 2022-04-08 в 15_27_06.webp

Show Diva - Ani Lorak

Show of the famous singer Ani Lorak. We provided and programmed a giant robot that rotated the artist on the platform. Our engineers have calculated all the dimensions of the platform so that everything goes perfectly
Specially for Blackout company

Show Filipp Kirkorov

The robot with a load capacity of 350 kg rotated a special platform. Special numbers for the show
Specially for Blackout company

FIFA 2018

Especially for FIFA, we have programmed 16 LR-mate robots (load capacity up to 7 kg). Robots raised flags, spheres, palms and were dancers for the artists


Our robot took part in the filming of the clip of the guys from Mujuice

Робот художник (artnovi fanuc).jpg

Daimler Kamaz 
robot artist

An installation where a robot painted the cab of a Mercedes truck in real time.

Daimler Kamaz show

Two R-2000 robots controlled the screens attached to them. The task was to create a dynamic show with video content


Снимок экрана 2022-04-18 в 13.30.31.png
мариинский театр_ артнови_edited.jpg

Mariinsky theatre

6 LR-mate robots control the ballerina puppet with the help of special mechanisms.


A show of two pianos, where two robots created dynamics along with screens and content.

Specially for Soundcafe company


photo_2022-04-18 13.55.04 (2).jpeg

Bayut Dubizzle Event 2022

The task was to make the artist levitate in the content in the intro of the show.
Specially for Global event management 

Cyberdog performance

The robot dog introduced everyone to our company by showing our showreel.



Performance "Fairytales"

Fairytales for children and adults where storytellers and artists are robots

Robot football

Full our robot development.


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