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Stereo 3D with glasses is a technical solution that allows you to perceive the most immersive video content in the world.
The main technical components: light filters for the projector, special polarizing screens and stereo glasses of circular polarization.

Artnovi' is №1 in the Event field in terms of the number of realized stereo 3D projects and the content developed for them:

- We can turn any three-dimensional surface into a polarizing screen using invisible paint.
- We use a rare technology that is comfortable for adults and children to watch for a long time.
- We adjust the content depth and parallax effect right on the site to achieve maximum immersion.
- Our CG designers are experts in setting up scenes of stereo 3D content, which has many subtleties, the smallest detail, takes much longer to create, requires more careful control and verification at each stage.

Classical music in 3D

Showreel stereo 3D

Classical music in 3D 

Mariinsky Theatre - Ballet

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