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Visual Content is the most visible part of the work.

It is he who forms the first and main impression of the project.  When we work on a project, we know that Stage-design, equipment and technology without content is just decoration.  It is foolish to spend millions on decorations and not use their full potential to achieve the main goal of the project.  And the potential is revealed through content, the language of audio-visual images.

This language is the most accessible and universal, it refers directly to the perception of a person, bypassing all logical barriers. We prepare content in such a way that to have the strongest impact on the viewer, managing his impressions and emotions. All this leads to a harmonious perception of the target information transmitted by the customer.

In Artnovi', we use hundreds of content styles and presentation formats: from the most complex photorealistic graphics with characters and avatars, to monochrome stop-motion animation. So each event becomes visually unique.  Our main hook for working with human perception is attention to detail. Most content studios - forms a general visual message, and Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V stretches to the entire event. We go deeper, like in a movie, we think through every detail and its influence: "once, to dress 3D characters, we invited a costume designer and used patterns from a real historical period."

Intro show Coca-Cola arena

Video content for intro show Bayut

Coca cola arena


Video content for musical The Wizard of the Emerald City


Video content for conference Fanuc


Video content for International Folklore Festival

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