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What's the buzz about guest engagement trends at exhibition stands in 2024?

Immersive video content at ATM by Artnovi ( for Pico )

So what was the magic behind the preparation of the stand at the Arabian Travel Market exhibition? Well, it was all thanks to cool tech like 3D immersive content on 11 huge screens, and more! This article we at Artnovi will dedicate to the future trends for exhibitions in 2024 and 2025 that are in our opinion gonna be all about Digital Twins, Holograms, and 3D Content. Get ready for immersive experiences that will have everyone talking!

Check out why using the latest multimedia tech is the way to go to tell a brand story and stand out—don't just blend into the background!

  1. Digital Twins have come a long way from their industrial roots. Now, they're like virtual replicas that let people explore and play with stuff in a digital space. It means more engagement and a better understanding of what you're offering without hauling physical goods to a booth.

  2. Picture having a virtual assistant powered by AI at a booth, chatting with visitors, answering questions, and giving info 24/7. AI Personas make digital interactions feel human, leaving a lasting impression.

  3. Holograms are no longer just in sci-fi movies; they're real in today's booths. These 3D projections can tell awesome stories, show off products from every angle, and create that "wow" factor. Whether it's a holographic product demo or a cool brand story, holograms bring some magic to a booth.

  4. Say goodbye to boring brochures—dynamic 3D content is the new king. Let attendees dive into products and services with 3D models they can spin around and interactive 3D presentations that take engagement to the next level. A booth will be a hotsp

  5. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing how people interact with products at booths. VR headsets whisk attendees away to virtual showrooms or immersive product experiences, while AR adds digital info to the real world. No more boundaries—remote attendees can join the fun too!

Exhibition booths are no longer snoozefests—they've turned into interactive wonderlands. We at Artnovi sure that immersive content let attendees get hands-on with a brand. They can explore products, check out 3D models, and soak up all the info, creating experiences that stick with them.

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